Women’s Wellbeing Social Thursdays with Master Teresa and Ezway




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Event Details

Hi ladies

You are invited to join us for a  Zoom Gathering for Ezway woman members who have an interest in health and wellness. Master Teresa will also show you the popular 5 minute Breathe Easy Qi Gong (Chi Gong) to strengthen the lungs!

The main purpose is help women who are members of Ezway to relax, socialize, chat, release stress, re-energize, and learn something useful by meeting each other in a comfortable setting. The gathering, complete with the rejuvenating Qi Gong, will clear the mind, release anxiety and help better sleep.

  • Meet and Greet our women members  on Zoom.  We will be experimenting with this healing and social event on alternating Thursdays.


❤️2nd Gathering

Thursday  Oct 13, 27

    5:00 PM – 06.15PM PT (8pm ET Toronto)

   >>Zoom link



** alternate way with Ezway Pitch Party 5-7pm PST

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