Voices Heard Weekend Summit


02/23/2024 7:00 am


02/25/2024 10:00 am


Hotel Maya Long Beach Ca

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Event Details

Tickets are on sale NOW and our lineup for speakers keeps growing for our powerful “Voice’s Heard” GEN Z & Alpha Weekend Summit which will be held in February 23rd-25th 2024 at the Hotel Maya on the ocean in the beautiful city of Long Beach, California.
“They believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way,” are just some of the empowering lyrics in Whitney Houston’s hit “The Greatest Love of All”.
Join Innergy Magazine & Serenity Wellness Center as they present to you this impactful event where we delve into the complexities and challenges faced by the younger generations, Gen Z and Alpha, in today’s world. These young minds are navigating issues like bullying, depression, gender and pronoun identity, and even thoughts of suicide. Through the dedicated efforts of professionals in their respective fields, they are finding the support, resources and therapy needed to overcome these obstacles.
Don’t miss the opportunity to hear directly from our future generation about how social media and the pandemic have shaped their lives and the daily struggles they face. Discover their stories of resilience, empowerment, and the journey to self-love and gratitude.
Seize this extraordinary opportunity to gain direct insights from the next generation as they candidly share how the intersection of social media and the pandemic has profoundly influenced their lives and the daily challenges they encounter. Immerse yourself in their personal narratives of resilience, empowerment, and their journey toward self-acceptance and gratitude.
This exceptional event, hosted by esteemed figures such as the television host of “Keeping It Real with Kym,” Dr. Kymberli Boynton, the Founder/Publisher of Serenity Wellness Center & Innergy Magazine, Serenity Wellness Magazine Cover’s, including Presley Tennant, Colt Reid, Rachel Pizzoloto, and Kidd Bandit, and an array of other inspirational individuals in this deeply moving gathering. We are also privileged to have special guest speakers, such as Sean Kanan, renowned actor from “Cobra Kai,” “Karate Kid 3,” and “The Bold & the Beautiful,” as well as award winning multimedia mogul, super producer, speaker, best selling author, creator and CEO of eZWay Network face of “Axe Body Spray Music Star,” Eric Zuley, and prolific producer and author of Way of the Cobra, Greg Reid, the founder of Secret Knock, a master storyteller, bestselling author, acclaimed speaker, and filmmaker along with many many more.


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