So Exciting Victoria is speaking on the Finding Light Through Loss Summit on July 10th!!!


07/07/2024 10:04 am


07/20/2024 11:59 pm


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Event Details

🌟 Finding Light Through Loss Summit 🌟 Are you feeling the weight of grief? You are not alone. 💔 Join us for the Finding Light Through Loss Summit, a free online event designed to bring hope, healing, and understanding to those grappling with the pain of loss.

👥Meet Our Experts:

We’ve assembled a compassionate team of grief counselors, experienced therapists, and individuals who have navigated similar paths—all eager to share their insights and effective healing strategies.

🌱What You’ll Gain:

-Supportive Community: Connect with others who truly understand your journey.

-Expert Guidance: Acquire practical tools and coping strategies that do more than help you endure grief….they help you move through it.

-Empowerment: Learn how to honor your emotions and the memory of your loved ones while finding the strength for the journey ahead.

📅Date: July 1, 2024 📍Location: Online! Join us from anywhere.

✨ It’s completely FREE to attend, but spots are limited. Secure your place now and begin your journey toward healing in a supportive and understanding environment.

Click here to register:

💬 Feeling lost? Let’s find a way forward together. Join us at the ‘Finding Light Through Loss’ summit and discover how even in the darkest times, light can emerge.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would grab the VIP Pass so that you can join us on July 19th, 2024


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