Unique Wellness product launch


02/21/2024 4:00 pm


02/21/2024 5:00 pm


Zoom /USA

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Event Details

Superb new ground floor opportunity in health/wellness launching in July 24.. You can be in on this at zero risk and the future potential is vast . Company investing US$1.2 billion dollar in developing an app powered by DNA and microbiome assessments, IoT connected devices and AI to totally disrupt the massive health, wellness, and Beauty industries.

They can capture 10% market share growing to US$200 billion annually.

What’s exciting is that they are going to profit share 65% meaning there is an incredible opportunity here for early adopters. Want to check it out?… We are having a short Zoom Q+A with Jeff on Tues 13th Feb at 4pm EST /9pm UK..

Feel free to come along if you are free and you can invite anyone you think might be interested. This will be one of the great ground floor business opportunities of 2024 with zero risk to be involved.


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