The Standout Stars – Get Speaker Ready Retreat in Austin, TX at the Miravel Resort and Spa


07/24/2024 9:00 am


07/28/2024 6:00 pm


Miravel Resort and Spa Austin Texas

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Event Details

Are you speaker-ready?
Is Your Message as Powerful as It Could Be?
Attend this Ultimate Speaker Retreat & Get Ready for Your Next Big Event!
We believe your passion, purpose, and vision are worth sharing. Attend the ‘Get Speaker Ready Retreat’ and let’s shape your message and offer so you can deliver a beautiful and powerful presentation to fit your business needs.
Join us at this event and you will…
* Align Your Presentation with Your Message
* Discover How to be Your Own Talent Manager
* Perfect your “SPEAK TO SELL OR CLOSE” -Signature Talk
* Build your Confidence as a Speaker
* Present with Authority and Influence
* Close with Authenticity and Integrity
During this immersive and intensive retreat, we make create your presentation and talk are completely aligned with your message. You will perfect your signature ‘speak to sell’ talk and you will deliver it so that you will be proud to call it your own.


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