The 2nd Annual Podcasters Cruise Oct 12-19, 2024


04/18/2024 5:16 pm


10/01/2024 5:16 am


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Event Details

Setting Sail from Port Canaveral, FL:
Oct 12 – 19, 2024
Everybody Needs A Break Now and Then!
All work and no play can make a podcaster fade away. That’s why over 70 percent of the Podcaster’s Cruise is all about having a good time. Sure, you’ll talk shop and share brilliant ideas with other high-rolling podcasters – but you’ll be doing it over a snack by the pool, or sitting in the hot tub with a drink in hand. There is no better way to build lasting relationships and just have a blast while traveling the world! Bring your family, too, and make it your best work-action ever! REMEMBER to PUT MY NAME AS THE ONE WHO REFERRED YOU- Toni Kaufman


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