Network For Growth : Solutions to Successfully Network for Introverts, The Nervous, and the Shy.


11/20/2023 6:00 pm


11/20/2023 7:00 pm


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Networking is the Momentum to propel any Vision, Dream, or Goal forward.
Connection is when a Mutual Goal is formed by two or more individuals that unites them for a like-minded cause.

But too many people combat Social Anxiety, Introversion, and “Stage” Fright that causes them to freeze up or shut down during Networking Events.

In Network For Growth, Anna Imagination leads a Workshop with Q&A that covers overcoming Social Anxiety, Introverted Obstacles, and overcoming the nerves associated with the Spotlight. We cover solutions for “shrinking” and battling “Invisibility” and how to Grow yourself with confidence so you can put your best foot forward when you pitch and Network.

Subconscious Dialogues is Anna’s Stage where she presents the Psychology spin on multiple topics from Networking, Think Tank, Idea Generator, Perspective Psychology, Philosophy, Parenting, Business, Manifestation, Meditation For Beginner’s, and so much more.

Anna Imagination is Owner of The Philosopher’s Healing Garden, where she puts the COMMUNITY back into HUMANITY. With 30 years of experience in philosophy, psychology, and sociology, Anna offers Life Management and Subconscious Solutions for high-energy, DRIVEN, determined, and accountable celebrities and celebrity-sized people trapped in small lives. “If I can’t help you, then I know someone who can.” Connect with Anna on EZWay to talk resources, community, and what it is she can do for you.


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