Doors of Perception Masterminds Seminar


06/23/2024 1:00 pm


06/23/2024 4:00 pm


online and in person Toronto

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Event Details

Watch Your Thoughts, Change Your Destiny

This seminar is designed to help you unlock positive change by guiding you to master your thoughts, inspired by the teachings of Lao Tzu.

Here’s what the seminar offers:

Learn to Watch Your Thoughts: Understand how your thoughts influence your actions, habits, character, and ultimately your destiny.

Transform Your Thinking: Mastermind sessions will provide you with tools and techniques to change your thought patterns for a more fulfilling life.

Break Free from Limitations: Overcome self-doubt, past regrets, and anxiety to achieve self-love, trust, and acceptance.

Unify East & West Wisdom: Integrate Western psychology with the ancient practice of Eastern Qi Gong for holistic well-being.

Harness Your Inner Power: Discover methods to utilize your Chi (internal energy) and positively influence your life.


Group Deep Trance Reading: Connect with your soul group led by Dave Watson, a renowned channeler with 40 years of experience.
Group Chi Healing: Experience a powerful energy healing session.

Attend Online (Zoom) or In Person


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