PRESIDENT, Kasper Institute

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone claims that health is important. But so many of us make the wrong choices.  Are you ready to learn how to add quality years to your life?

Renowned as one of the nation’s top health experts and inspirational speakers, Dr. Kasper has proven over the years that his philosophy changes people’s lives to be truly healthy and effective.

Dr. Kasper is author of four acclaimed, change-making books. Fire Your Diet: 17 Simple Ways to Stay Out of The Doctor’s Office, puts the diet industry on its knees proving once and for all that diets do not work and ultimately damage one’s health. According to Dr. Mollie Marti, author of The 12 Best Factors of Business Success, Dr. Kasper’s passion shines through this book’s pages. Donna LeBlanc, author of New York Times best seller, The Passion Principle, believes that this breakthrough book is a must-read for your health and your life.

The 22-Minute Workout Book lays out Dr. Kasper’s incredible Slow Effective Exercise Movement (S.E.E.M.) system, and has received rave reviews from leading health experts such as Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone Diet, and Dr. Wayne Wescott, the YMCA’s chief exercise researcher.

In the book Ultimate Life Lessons, Dr. Kasper details how he changed one man’s life. It is the story movies are made from. Global Entrepreneur Captain Lou Edwards and Erin Pizzey, International Founder of the world’s first shelter for victims of domestic violence and also a best-selling novelist, praised the book, saying “just read this book and your life will change”.

His latest work, The Effects of Protein on Obesity, has many people intrigued. According to Dr. Janice Martin, Clinical Health Researcher, it is a fantastic study on obesity in relation to protein intake. Charles Reilly, M.B.A., believes Dr. Kasper’s pioneering research into obesity and how protein should be utilized puts him in a position to change nutrition programs as we know them.

As a dynamic keynote speaker, Dr. Kasper’s high-energy reputation precedes him on the international circuit. The media often seek his expertise on health, motivation, inspiration and entrepreneurship. He consults with corporations, governments, institutions and individuals worldwide.

Dr. Kasper serves as President and CEO of Fire Your Diet™ Inc., and has put together what could be considered the most comprehensive health coaching team in the world today.

No matter where his clients live, or what their past experience with exercise and health has been, Dr. Kasper’s clients consistently see their health and lives changed with his help and expertise. His clientele have ranged in age from 4 to 92.

Dr. Kasper’s training and experience is extensive: he holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, a Master’s Degree in Physical Education with a specialty in Exercise Physiology, a second Master’s Degree in Education and Health, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition. He also has post-graduate training which specializes in Human Performance, Aquatic Therapy and Special Populations.


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