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The Soldiers of Christ sharing their stories of how to overcome, persevere, and be victorious in this journey we call life! Why? To equip you to be all you were created to be!

The Speakers of GRACE Encounter

You will hear from the Remnant Warriors, the leaders in FAITH about walking with God, successful married and single parents about FAMILY, business leaders in FINANCE, health & FITNESS gurus, and of course we will have FUN! Our world needs you to be all you were created to be! All of you!


GRACE Encounter, an encounter with Jesus Christ!  A place where all are welcomed!  It is not a church … it is a place that  feels like home; a place that is relevant with the purpose of uplifting  and raising your spirits! A place where you will feel God’s presence!  Where you will fill His peace, His joy, His forgiveness, and His love. Where you will  understand what childlike faith means! And understanding what spirit  filled means and the importance of it! Life gets tough and you need to  know how to get through this from people who have been in your shoes!

The Events is held at The Yost Theater

The Yost Theater
307 N Spurgeon St
Santa Ana, CA  92701
Parking building/levels are 1 block north of the theater.

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