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“eZWay And American Cancer Society Make A Difference”

Eric ‘EZ’ Zuley celebrated his birthday Saturday at an eZWay benefit in Orange County to raise money for the American Cancer Society. He divulged his newest innovative and ground breaking technologies to a sold out audience, as well as his latest achievements in the digital sphere. The crowd was star-studded and all ears as EZ’offered up the advantages of utilizing his branding expertise and infinite capabilities in this new digital millennium. This collaboration was the perfect storm.

The event was hosted by none other than Reatha Greyof Betty White’s “Off Their Rockers,”and the “Radio Boomers Live” radio show who was well received for her charming personality, warm inviting presence, unending energy and beauty. She possessed the perfect touch of class.

This memorable benefit opened up with the “National Anthem” sung by Carmelita Pittman, then offered speakers from a wide range of fame and philanthropy. The festivities included live entertainment, raffle giveaways, expert advice from prominent CEO’s and a unforgettable performance by the legendary original Soul Train Dancers.

Kate Linderof “Young and the Restless” fame, was the evenings honorary recipient of the eZWay Achievement Awardcommemorating her contribution to the Television industry as Hollywood royalty.

Pepper JayCEO of “The Actors Reporter”shared valuable lessons in the fine art of addressing and maintaining your live audience and how to keep them focused at all times. This was incredibly well received and acknowledged by the masses. Pepper is a decisive force in Hollywood.

DeniseM. Illet-BurkhardtCo-Chairman of “I-Launch Global”was showered with attention and accolades while offering the latest advantages that her Network offers in the realm of channels, content and far reaching capabilities. She was no doubt in the right place at the right time. Everyone was on the edge of their seats understanding the opportunities before them including the prized Tvtogo application.

Tanya Brown,sister of Nicole Brown Simpson an extraordinary motivational speaker in her own right, shared the art of surviving catastrophic events, moving forward and saving souls by winning victories for humanity. She has absorbed the positive aspects of her sister Nicoleand was able to quantify stellar results by enlightening the audience with style and grace, one of the highlights of the evening.

Dr. Dante Searsexplained how the world is changing through crypto currency using the prosperity coin, part of the eZWay pay program.

Lori BoodyDirector of the American Cancer Society of San Diego was on hand to relish in the money that was raised by eZWay to advance the cause and make a monumental humanitarian difference.

Evan Disney,the Magic Castle Magician shared his comical magic techniques in his own inimitable way and was quite entertaining.

The night ended with a show-stopping performance of energy and choreography by the original Soul Train Dancerswho once again cemented their legacy as the legendary Kings and Queensof Soul.

Other speakersincluded:Al Harris & Raquel Sanchez, MichaeleneGail Holder-March, Dave Vanhoose and Jeffery Standsfield.

Celebrities included:Lester P. Speight, Donna Spangler, Kate Linder, Katherine Kovin-Pacino and husband Bill, Micah Fitzgerald, Shea Vaughn, Reatha Grey, Tracy Repchuck, Allison Hilderbrandt Larson, Dr. Bridges, and the Women of Achievement Beauty Queens.

Sponsors included: Safe Solutions Now, EPX, SoCal Connections, Cornbread Booking Agency, Oduwa Coin, Prosberably, World Prosperity Network, NLCP Coaching, Invest & Connect and Saka Mayan Coffee.

This was truly an event encompassing a multitude of positive aspects; a room full of like-minded individuals with networking for the visionaries of tomorrow. The 16’ foot Red Carpetand elongated Media Walls were a perfect addition to carry on the legacy of eZWay. The event was broadcasted live by AdvantageVideo Systemsand Voice America.Join the eZWay fan base and get connected to the wave of the future and position yourself for everlasting success.

American Cancer Society sent eZWay Cares a letter thanking them for the thousands of Dollars raised through their digital promotional efforts and two amazing donors Carmelita Pittman founder of the Rose Breast Cancer Society& Nikolai Beckerfounder of Game Changer Records.

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