Who: Confirmed attendees include:

  • Karla Gordy Bristol — founder of Bristol Entertainment and talk show host on TV show “Beverly Hills View.” “Gordy Family”
  • Kazembe Ajamu Coleman — father of Zendaya (actress, singer and dancer).
  • Shea Vaughn — Mother to actor Vince Vaughn, founder of Women On TV on Roku
  • Floyd Reeves — founder of Broken Barriers Entertainment, a network of more than 500 filmmakers of color.
  • Oren Waters — vocalist who sang on 260 gold albums and over 100 platinum albums.
  • Pauline Crawford-Omps — Gender Dynamics speaker and author, known as Miss Magical Conversations.
  • Mark Ridley — actor and director known for Being Black Enough (2018), Stolen Breath: The Truth Revealed (2016) and David’s Reverie (2014).
  • Meri Crouley — Freedom Ball Executive producer, justice advocate, inspiring speaker and film producer.
  • Dr. Dante Sears – Founder of World Prosperity Network, COO eZWay Network, eZWayPay.com
  • Eric Zuley — Freedom Ball producer & speaker, lead consultant for The Freedom Ball, keynote speaker, founder of eZWay Network on DirecTV, creator of the eZWay Wall Of Fame.
  • James Zuley – Freedom Ball speaker, cancer survivor, Knights of Columbus, Radio Boomers Live eZWay Radio Show, Family Film Parent Awards Recipient
  • Rachelle Casillas — speaker, writer, marketer and minister.
  • Christi Given — radio and TV personality, songwriter and red carpet host.
  • Billy More – ABC Youth Foundation, Archie Moore’s Son
  • Vincent M. Ward – Actor from The Walking Dead
  • Jason Burke – Real Estate Expert, Founder High Performance Success Summit & TV Network
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